“Nick & Julz Heaney are the #1 Wakeboarding coaches in the world! They’re super nice, fun, very professional and just really cool guys. I haven’t been Wakeboarding in over 15 years & the 1st day that I went riding, they taught me how to jump the wake and I landed on the other side without falling! My experience with them everytime is amazing & I couldn’t of done it without their coaching. If you wanna learn how to Wakeboard from the best Pro Wakeboarders, then contact Nick & Julz Heaney today! Recording Artist Vaja - vajamusic.com, Los Angeles, California, USA



“Cheers for an awesome time! Spending a week riding with you guys behind the X-Star I’d say my riding improved more in 5 days than it would have done in a whole season back home in the UK. Loved staying close to the beach too which meant we got some great evening surfs!” Matt Phillips, Guernsey, UK




“My first time wakeboarding was with Wake Experience. It was time to try something new and fun! They had me dialed in with the perfect board and setup which gave me maximum potential on the water. They instructed me on the boat before I got into the water which meant I was up and riding down the stadium in no time! Their coaching instructions are clear and very easy to follow. As a result I gain constant progression each time I ride with them. That’s it, I’m hooked! I can’t wait to ride again.”
Shawn Golubski, Venice Beach, California, USA



“I just got back from my 2nd Wake Experience camp with Nick & Julz. I learn so much with them about riding technique. They’re passionate about riding & it shows. They genuinely care about my progression & they even taught me how to stand up. I have a clear direction for my riding development & I’ll definitely be back to ride with them again! I highly recommend the Wake Experience camp to anyone who has a desire to progress their riding to the next level. And it’s a complete blast, from boating all day to nightlife in Long Beach! 4 days charging it on the water at the epic Marine Stadium to partying it up L.A. style… Of course I’ll be back – thanks Nick & Julz!!!” Andrew Schmidt, Wisconsin, USA



“I had no idea that such a great spot existed in Los Angeles for wakeboarding. Marine Stadium, where we rode, was a perfect spot that was protected from the wind and very little boat traffic. Our hotel was right around the corner from where we rode, and there is a great night life scene just up the road. Nick and Julz are amazing instructors and you can tell they truly love what they do. They got me excited and motivated to take my riding to the next level. In addition they were able to adapt their coaching to riders of all ablities. I highly recommend this trip to wakeboarders of any skill level.” Jihad Alaily, Wisconsin, USA



“At 44 years old, I have a shot at the seniors tour. You guys rock!!!!!” Brian Arnott, Montreal, Canada





“Thank you for allowing me to participate in a new hobby (wakeboarding & waterskiing)! I realize the two of you have made a career and life out of it and I feel so lucky that ours paths crossed. Yesterday was the first day of my life (I am 42 years old) to try wakeboarding, and with the direction you provided me I got up not only on my first pull, but on every attempt thereafter!!!!! I believe I even got some air! The last thing I want to mention is that I am very impressed with your attention to Safety. I felt safe, even safe enough for kids. I look forward to doing a flip within the year, LETS GET WAKEBOARDING!!!!!!” Paul Lesseos, USA



“So much fun riding with the boys in California. My toeside airs wake to wake have never felt so good. Nick and Julz definitely know how to teach great handle control and good form, works every time. Thank’s boys even old guys can do it, I’LL BE BACK!” Bill Heaney, Newcastle, England





“Nick and Julz are really nice and have helped my riding so much. I love to go down to Marine Stadium after school for a lesson.“ Ashley Russell, Age 7, Long Beach California, USA





“I like hanging out and riding with Nick & Julz, they are great teachers and they have taught me some cool moves. I also like to watch them ride and their Master Craft is awesome!” Parker Russell, Age 9, Long Beach California, USA





“Wakeboarding was a blast with Wake Experience! This was my first time and with solid instruction and great teaching, I was grabbing air and surfing the wake as if ripping down the line of a perfect wave. The boat is insane and the vibe amazing! Great exercise too…. If you want to try wakeboarding, you can learn from some of the best pros in the world, not from a pot bellied and bitter Wally (a/k/a kook)! Check it out!” David Olan, USA



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